Professional Incredibles is a not for profit production company based in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, specialising in community engagement, place making, professional development within the arts, interfaith dialogue and low impact living.


Our foundation project is Brum Spirit – a cultural exchange between Birmingham and Brazil, founded in 2011.


Other projects include interfaith celebration Brum Together, community percussion group Drum Together Brum, and Birmingham music industry focus Levitate: A Life in Music.


Professional Incredibles take a holistic, inclusive approach to arts production. We delight in working with people from all backgrounds, and in brightening everyday life in our home city, and beyond. We are also committed to catalysing the professional development of Birmingham based artists, venues and organisations, and we strive to highlight human rights issues through our work.


We ask ourselves two questions at the start of every project: how shall we celebrate together, and what positive changes can we effect? Most importantly of all, we love a good party, a good cuppa, good cake and a good chat. We are always open to conversation. If you’d like to work with us, just get in touch :)